Hi, I’m Molly, an independent writer specializing in fetishism, BDSM, and alternative forms of sexploration.

Sexuality is a beautiful, healthy, inherent aspect of who we are. Natural as it may be, we’ve been taught not to talk about it. Taught that it’s wrong. Taught that we’re weird. The resulting shame and confusion can have dire effects on how we relate to ourselves and each other. I believe we deserve better.


I write to shine a light on the taboo with the type of sex-ed we missed out on in school. How can we explore together in ways that are exciting, safe, and pleasurable for all involved? What does it mean to navigate the waters of intimacy? What kind of kinky shit is even

out there in the world, anyway? 


These are questions I’ve pondered along my journey. Perhaps you’ve pondered them as well. I say we talk about this sexy stuff, friends… y’know… with words… OUT LOUD.

(Hur hurr, git it?)


I've had the pleasure of working with some very fine folks.

What's newzies?

I recently went on the We Are the Stigma podcast to chat BDSM with hosts Cody and Melissa. Tune in and check it out here.

"Season 2, Episode 2 and we’re discussing all things BDSM with Molly Lazarus.  This topic has been an anticipated one and Melissa & Cody are ready to dive right in, but where to start?! Luckily, Molly is patient, educated, and passionate and the conversation quickly blooms into something beautiful. Leave behind your misconceptions and open your minds as we tackle role playing, dominance, submission, safe-words and stigmas. In the end can you guess what we really discover?? A community, the beauty in vulnerability, human connection and an inspiring story of living life out loud." 

Kind words, aw shucks.

Thanks for reading, y'all!

"I would like to express my gratitude towards your courage and openness about a subject that has been in the shadows for way too long."

- Björk, Helsinki

“I'm new to BDSM and really enjoy your site. Through your words, I can fully understand where my girlfriend and I both are in our experience.”

- J.

"Your series about safety is excellent! I feel like you literally wrote the definitive guide. "

- Richard

"Your writing is so clear and approachable, especially for someone like me who hasn't really delved too much into the BDSM world."

- D.

"Kink Out Loud is making it possible for me, as a complete newcomer to the world of kink, to learn about it in a very comfortable way. Look forward to learning all the things!" 

- Matt, Australia


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