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Hi there! I write kinky smut and blog about sex.

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“I'm new to BDSM and really enjoy your site. Through your words, I can fully understand where my girlfriend and I both are in our experience.”

Kinky Smut

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Ice Cream Heels

A Domestic Discipline Tale by Molly Lazarus

Josie's loving but firm husband Alex is fed up with her recent workaholism and its dreadful effects on their marriage. One morning he reveals he's booked a weeklong getaway behind her back and she's given no choice but to join him, regardless of her bratty tantrums and resistance.

In this erotic romance short involving a mean willow switch, a curious park ranger, and a pair of spectacularly delicious high heels, we join Alex in his attempt to crack his wife's stubborn shell with the discipline she craves.

Ice Cream Heels Cover (2).jpg


A Domestic Discipline Tale by Molly Lazarus

Alex is livid with his indulgent wife Josie after she bangs up his car while driving home drunk from a party. Determined to scare her straight, he enlists the help of a professional disciplinarian.

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What Readers Are Saying

“I love this story!! Not only is it kinky and sexy, but there's a genuine and heartwarming connection between the main characters not always included in violent BDSM narratives. The fact that the author included both intensely sensual scenes AND thoughtful depictions of aftercare just blew me away. Plus, she delves into their relationship both within and outside the context of S&M. This story has it all! Can't wait to read more of Molly's work.”

— Brooke


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